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Welcome to the O'Fallon Little Panthers Wrestling Team website.  The O'Fallon Little Panthers is part of the Illinois Kids Wrestling Federation (IKWF) and feeds into the O'Fallon middle and high school programs.  We are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for kids ages 4 to 14 that want to learn the sport of wrestling.  We provide a learning atmosphere that is appropriate for all skill and experience levels ranging from the fundamentals and basic rules of the sport to the more advanced technique for those wrestlers ready to compete at the highest levels.  

Below are some of the more important accomplishments from the program over the years:

2016 Tulsa Nationals


Pictured:  Back Row - Cameron Kelley (10U-67), Ethan Crouse (2nd, 12U-76), Bryant Barrett (1st, 12U-105), Gabriel Thomas (1st, 12U-110) and Bryce Mikos (10U-85).  Front Row - Colton Miller (2nd, 6U-55), Angelina Kelley (6U-37), Jackson Bassett (8U-55), Brodey Durbin (8U-61), Shawn Kelley (2nd, 8U-90) and Logan Thomas (8U-64).  Not Pictured (Rylan Moose 10U-90, Shawn Minick 12U-105 and Matthew Minick 15U-75).

2016 Edwardsville Middle School


Pictured:  Matthew Minick (1st place, 79 and Outstanding wrestler award) and Mason Baker (1st Place, HWT).

2015 Highland Howl


The O'Fallon Little Panthers took 1st place team at Highland again.  Going for the three-peat next year!

2015 USAW Girls Nationals


Pictured:  Alexandra Markova, 1st Place, Kids I, 65 Division (I guess 2nd place wasnt't please with the results).

2015 IL Girls State Champion


Pictured:  Alexandra Markova (1st Place, Elementary School 65 Division) and Coach Brad Miller.

2015 Corncob Nationals


Pictured:  Jack Eberhart (2nd Place, 9&10 HWT).

2015 IKWF State Qualifiers


Top Row - Ethan Tinarwo (Novice 138), Evan Carney (Senior 156), Mason Baker (Senior 189).

Bottom Row - Alex Fulton (Senior 95), Jackson Baker (Novice 95), Owen Hollaway (Novice 89).

2015 MO State Champion


Pictured:  Alexandra Markova (IL & MO State Champion).

2015 Tulsa Nationals


Pictured:  Mason Baker (6th Place, 12U HWT).

2015 Tulsa Novice Nationals


Pictured:  Alexandra Markova (3rd Place, 8U, 65).

2014 Highland Howl


The O'Fallon Little Panthers took 1st place team, bringing less wrestlers than other clubs!

2014 USAW Girls Nationals


Pictured:  Alexandra Markova (3rd Place, 2005-2007 60 Division).

2014 IL Girls State Champion


Pictured:  Alexandra Markova (1st Place, Elementary School 60 Division) and Coach Brad Miller.

2014 Regionals

1st Place Bantams, 2nd Place Intermediate  

Pictured left to right

Bottom Row:  Colman Cargill (4th, I74), Brodey Durbin (1st, B), John Hall (3rd, B), Alexandra Markova (3rd, B), Carson Baker (3rd, B), Zach Levin (1st, B) and Logan Cox (2nd, B).

Middle Row:  Jacob McMillin (1st, I-101), Josh Dluhy (I-79), Conner Levin (I-79), Noah Berthot (I-89), Jackson Baker (2nd, I-84), Chase McCrory (1st, I-138), Sam Fulton (1st, B) and Reggie Barnes (I-84).

Top Row:  Thomas Guy (N-115), Isaiah Hill (2nd, I-138), Sam Rosenbalm (3rd, I-122), Jack Eberhart (2nd, I-122), Braden Johnson (1st, N-215), Michael Fetters (2nd, S-115), Kyler Adams (2nd, N-138), Mason Baker (1st, N-156) and Konner Adams (1st, I-156).

Not Pictured:  Sean Fetters (1st, B), Camden Kimmel (1st, B), Lucas McMillin (1st, B), Rylan Moose (1st, B), Preston Reber (2nd, B), Bobby Hooker (!-122), Austin Pollock (I-74) and Ian Wagner (1st, I-122).

2014 Indy Nationals


Pictured left to right:  Brodey Durbin, Josh Dluhy (5th, I-80), Jackson Bassett (1st, PW-45), Chase McCrory (5th, N-130) & Logan Cox.

2014 Bantam Championships


Pictured left to right:  Sam Fulton (3rd, 95) & Rylan Moose (3rd, 70).

2014 Tulsa Nationals


Pictured left to right:  Sam Fulton, Logan Cox, Rylan Moose (4th, 8U/70), Ben Bush (3rd, 12U/130) and Colman Cargill (Not Pictured Jackson Bassett).

2013 Belleville Little Devils Duals


The team competed at the Belleville Little Devils again this year and won yet again.  We hope to host the BLD at O'Fallon in the near future.

2013 Show-Me State Nationals


Pictured Left to Right:  Top Row - Cole Dassler (5th 7-9R/78), Jackson Baker (2nd 10U/85 & 4th 10-12R/90), Austin Pollock (2nd 7-9R/78), Braden Johnson (2nd 12U/198), and Mason Baker (3rd 12U/165).

  Bottom Row - Brodey Durbin (3rd 6U/52), Carson Baker (3rd 7-9R/78), Logan Cox (2nd 7-9R/49), and Sam Fulton (2nd 7-9R/95 & 2nd 8U/97). 

Not Pictured Jacob Rumler (4th 8U/78 & 6th 7-9R/78), Brock Ross (4th 6U/49), Konner Adams (2nd 10U/144), Kyler Adams (3rd 12U/146), Brayden Hartmann (4th 12U/106) and  Sam Rosenbalm, Thomas Guy)

2013 Regionals

Bantams          1st

Intermediate   1st

Novice             3rd


Pictured left to right:  Christopher Beebe (S138/3rd), Cameron Beebe (N177/1st), Braden Johnson (N156/1st), Mason Baker (N138/1st), Jacob McMillin (I95/1st), Jackson Baker (I79/2nd), Conner Levin (I74/2nd), Josh Dluhy (B/1st), Brodey Durbin (B/4th), Logan Cox (B/3rd), and Christian Wurzbach (B/4th).

Not Pictured:  Chase McCrory (I122/1st), Jackson Foley (I95/2nd), Kenyon Smith (B/2nd), Jackson Bassett (B/3rd), Lucas McMillin (B/4th), Zach Levin (B/1st), and Rylan Moose (B/3rd).


2013 MO Girls State Champion


Pictured:  Aliyah Moose (1st Place, Middle School 125 Division).

2013 Tulsa Nationals


Pictured left to right:  Carson Baker, Danny Mack, Conner Levin, Jacob Pineda, Mason Hewitt, Jack Bond (6th place, 12U/145), Sam Fulton (2nd Place, 6U/61+), Mason Baker, Chase McCrory, Jackson Baker, and Zac Levin (Not Pictured Elijah Roberts and Dylan Davidson).

2012 US Army Midwest Nationals


Pictured left to right:  Jack Bond (1st place, 5/6th 131) and Ryan Murfield (2nd Place, 7/8th 124).

2012 Belleville Little Devils Duals


The team competed at the Belleville Little Devils twice this year and won both matches 98-97 and 109-96.

2012 Tulsa Nationals

Pictured left to right:  Jack Bond (12U 120), Jackson Baker (5th Place, Novice 8U 67), Kobey Bosworth (1st Place, Novice 12U 130), Mason Baker (2nd Place, Novice 10U 120), and Ryan Murfield (12U 120).

2010 Ironman Nationals

3 Tournaments - Take Down, Mat, and Folkstyle.

Pictured left to right:  Jarrid Braunagel (1st Place, N75) and Ryan Murfield (3rd Place, N95 and 4th Place, N90).  

2010 Brute-Adidas Nationals

Pictured left to right:  Kylan Montgomery (4th Place, 1st-49), Kelton McDonnel (4th Place, 8th-85), Ryan Murfield (3rd Place, 5th-92), Jarrid Braunagel (2nd Place, 6th-75), Zac Braunagel (5th Place, 4th-92) and Logan Johnson (5th Place, 4th-65). 

 2009 US Army Midwest Nationals

Pictured left to right: Ryan Murfield (1st place, 3/4th 92) and Brandon Dockins (6th place, 3/4th 83)

 2009 Brute-Adidas Nationals

2009 Brute Adidas Nationals

Pictured left to right: Logan McClellan (2nd place, 5th 80), Jarrid Braunagel (5th place, 5th 70), Ryan Murfield (1st place, 4th 92), Nathan Smalling (7th place, 6th 108), Zac Braunagel (3rd place, 3rd 85), Danny Braunagel (7th place, 3rd 80), and Jo Jo Braunagel, Team Entertainer!

2009 USAW Girls' Nationals

2009 USAW Girls' Nationals

Pictured: Jasmine Baker (2nd Place, Middle School 135 Division)


2009 State Placers

IKWF State      Steve Turner, 4th Senior 89

Midget State   Sam Turner, 1st Midget 70

                        Logan McClellan, 3rd Midget 79

                        Jarrid Braunagel, 4th Midget 68

                        Ryan Murfield, 4th Midget 89

2009 State Placers

Pictured left to right:  Coach Steve Turner, Ryan Murfield (4th Place, M89), Sam Turner (1st Place, M70), Logan McClellan (3rd Place, M79), Jarrid Braunagel (4th Place, M68), and Steve Turner (4th Place, S89).

2009 Midget State Most Outstanding Wrestler

Sam Turner (3 Pins & 2 Tech Falls)

2009 Midget State Most Outstanding Wrestler Award

Pictured: Mark Bullington, Southern Sectional Director and Sam Turner


2009 Regionals & Sectionals


Bantams          1st at Regionals

Intermediate   1st at Regionals & Sectionals

Novice             2nd at Regionals & 3rd at Sectionals

2009 Regionals & Sectionals

Pictured left to right

Top Row Matthew Striegel (Novice 1st R, 2nd S), Jasmine Baker (Novice 2nd R, 4th S), Eli Blecha (Senior 1st R, 2nd S), Nick Notestine (Novice 2nd R, 2nd S), Nathan Smalling (Novice 1st R), Cody Notestine (Novice 3rd R, 2nd S), Steve Turner (Senior 1st R, 1st S), Ryan Murfield (Intermediate 1st R, 1st S) and Mason Hewitt (Intermediate 2nd R, 3rd S). 

Middle Row Joey Blecha (Novice 4th R), Riley Baker (Bantam 4th R), Jarrid Braunagel (Intermediate 1st R, 1st S), Logan McClellan (Intermediate 2nd R, 1st S), Dustan Davidson (Intermediate 1st R, 2nd S), Alek Ziegler (Intermediate 4th R), and Ryan Baker (Bantam 1st R). 

Bottom Row Sam Turner (Novice 1st R, 1st S), Trenton Finch (Intermediate 2nd R, 3rd S), Zac Braunagel (Bantam 1st R), Danny Braunagel (Bantam 1st R), Jarrett Allscheid (Intermediate 1st R, 3rd S), and Dylan Davidson (Bantam 1st R).

Not Pictured

Bantam:  Kylan Montgomery (1st R), Sam Glassco (1st R), Brennen Bledsoe (1st R), Jared Turner (1st R), Jeremy King (2nd R), Max Haseman (3rd R), Logan Johnson (3rd R), and Tyler Ducheny (4th R).

Intermediate:  Nick Lambaria (1st R, 1st S), Ricky Pena (1st R, 4th S), Dylan Reiners (2nd R, 4th S), and Andrew Thompson (2nd R, 2nd S).

Novice:  Kyler Milligan (3rd R, 4th S)