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COVID-19 Mitigation Plan

OLP Procedures for the Spring Season (Flag Football) 

OLP will follow the IDPH All Sports Policy to guide our RTP protocols and procedures.  However, at this time, no indoor activities will be allowed.

Guidelines must be followed. It is the sole responsibility of the coaches to adhere to all safety guidelines and  requirements and any deviation of these guidance, depending on severity, will result in disciplinary actions.  The current Flag Football Director is Dan Mersinger, and his email is [email protected].   

● Facilities: Outdoor spaces will be scheduled and coordinated with the Flag Football Director. 

● Maintain social distance by being 6 feet apart when possible.  

● Outdoors: Follow gathering guidelines of groups of 50 or less including the coaches.  

○ Groups of 50 or less must be pre-determined. (EX: 4 coach, 28 participants, 18 Fans) 

■ Thirty feet of space must be maintained between gatherings of 50 when outdoors.  

■ When participants are not actively participating in a drill, practice, or contest, care should be taken to maintain social distance between individuals. 

● Once groups are determined, participants may not switch from one group to another.


● Implement diligent and effective cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched objects and  surfaces following the guidance of the CDC and IDPH. 

● Health Screening: Coaches must maintain a session record.  

○ Participants should be screened at the start of each session for temperature >100.4F/38C or symptoms of COVID-19 and documented. (fevers, chills, cough,  muscle aches, headache, sore throat, runny nose, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or loss of  taste or smell).  

○ Any person with symptoms or a positive COVID-19 test, should not participate in practice, competition, or conditioning and should be documented. Notify the Flag Football Director of the occurrence.   

● Hydration: 

• All participants shall bring their own water bottle. Water bottles must not be shared. 

• Hydration stations (water cows, water trough, water fountains, etc.) may be utilized to fill  individual water bottles but must be cleaned after every practice/contest.  

● PPE:  

○ All persons must wear a mask at all times. 

● Individuals should sanitize their hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer and rub until dry before touching any surfaces or participating in practices. 

● Appropriate clothing/shoes should be worn at all times to minimize sweat from transmitting onto equipment/surfaces. 

● Participants must be encouraged to shower and wash their workout clothing immediately upon  returning to home.  

It is the responsibility of each Flag Football team to comply with the above requirements. Any person with positive symptoms reported should not be allowed to take part in practices/games and  should contact his or her primary care physician. Parents understand that any participant who has  symptoms cannot participate and will have to be picked up immediately. 

OLP Participation Regimen:  

1. Coach sanitizes shared equipment and any other objects that may be touched prior to the session. 

2. Participants screened and attendance documented on sheet provided  

3. Participants wash hands  

4. Participants participate  

5. Participants wash hands  

7. Coach sanitizes shared equipment and any other objects that may be touched prior to the session.


• All coaches must be approved by the Flag Football Director.  

• Follow the CDC and IDPH Guidelines  

• Perform temperature checks of self and of the participants each session 

• Wear face coverings at all times  

• Follow hand hygiene instructions  

• Wipe down personal spaces 

• Follow high touch cleaning protocols to wipe down areas after use  

• Once the session has concluded you are not to come together for a “team chant” or breakdown. Participants are to get a squirt of hand sanitizer on their way to the car and to exit the practice area immediately. 


• Arrive 10 minutes prior to the beginning of the session. 

• Go directly to your designated area for temp checks and screening. 

• Wear a face mask at all times  

• Maintain a distance of 6 feet from another person at all times when not in a drill or competition.  

• Wash/sanitize hands before and after participation 

• Once the Temperature check/Screening are passed and documented the participants are clear to participate 

• Bring their own water and water bottles. Fountains are permitted to fill individual bottles and must be cleaned after  every session.  

• Participants should bring their own personal items for use to the greatest extent possible. (examples include but not  limited to their bottles, towels, etc. ) 

• Upon completion of each session, participants are to sanitize their hands and head directly to their vehicles to depart. 


✓ Only Designated Outdoor facilities may be used  

✓ Participants should come and go with only essentials needed for participation  

✓ In the case of extreme weather conditions coaches will evacuate their groups for cover until they are picked up. Social distancing should be adhered to as much as is possible.


General Social Distancing Procedures: 

• Practice – Coaches are responsible for ensuring social distancing is maintained between participants as much as possible. This means  additional spacing between participants while stretching, warming up, chatting, changing drills, etc., so that participants remain spaced out, and no congregating of participants while waiting their turn for drills. As able, practices should be conducted in ‘pods’ of participants, with the same 5-10 participants always working out together. This ensures more limited exposure if someone develops an infection.  

• Practice Area – Only essential personnel are permitted on the practice/competition area. These are defined as participants, coaches, medical personnel/athletic trainers, and officials (competition). All others, (i.e., ball boys/girls, managers, video people, media photographers, etc.) are considered non-essential personnel and are not to be on the playing area.  

• Benches – No benches should be used during practice. Participants’ items should be separated as below for personal items, at least six feet apart. Benches should be permitted only during games.  

• Personal Items – It is recommended that each participant bring their own gym bag for personal items. All personal items should remain  in the gym bag when not in use. Gym bags should be placed in a predetermined area 6 feet apart for the duration of practice. 

• Player habits – Coaches should work to break old habits and create new ones in an effort to minimize the spread of the virus. Spitting of any kind must be eliminated. This includes using spit to clean hands or the bottoms of shoes, and the spitting of sunflower shells, gum, or other items. Coaches should instill the habits of minimizing any touching of the face, and mandating the  covering of coughs/sneezes.  

• Hand sanitizer and/or sanitizing wipes - Participants, coaches, and referees are encouraged to provide their own hand sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol) and/or sanitizing wipes.  

• General Equipment - There should be no shared athletic equipment. (flags, masks, etc...)  Any equipment that is used for practice or warm-ups/stretching (i.e. cones, ladders, mini hurdles, foam rollers, resistance bands, toss backs, etc.) should be cleaned and disinfected prior to and immediately following each practice.  

• Balls - Balls must be sanitized before and after each practice/game.  

• Personal Items – Shoes, clothing, towels and other personal items must not be shared among participants. Any items that are not  currently being worn/used should be stored inside a personal gym bag. Gym bags should be placed in a predetermined area 6 feet  apart for the duration of practice/competition. 

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